regular timethis episode is the crossover time adventures and stories currents Section warning: this is not a true fan fiction episodeall begins when Mordecai would make an appointment to Daisy and she accepts it then rigby mordecay screams and came to the park and sees a vortex space / time and Mordecai rigby was absorbed and entered the vortex and faint when they woke up and saw that they were in the sweet realm and Mordecai said, where we rigby, while watching rigby and then realized they were with the sweet princess and asks, who are you and how they got here? rigby and said who are you? and she says I'm the sweet princess and Mordecai said princesses do I still exist?, in the 20th century there is no answer and she is not the 20th century, is the 21st of September 7529 and Rigby said quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and the sweet princess said where is finn and jake, Mordecai said who are they? and the sweet princess said if I did not say where they are going to beat these iron gloves (seen in the episode but they did) and said Mordecai and Rigby will not bend it and said oh I think this step was a normal day I saw a man all in black and purple effects and opened a portal and I absorbed them and then said he thinks Finn and Jake were sent to her in the other dimention dimencion.mientras Finn wakes up and sees this in the park and says : what has happened (while rising) and up to jake and papaleta arrives and tells a kid what's your name? (Finn trying to say) oh no matter I give you a palette (as he gives it) while I'm walking and finn Tada said while waiting benson weird and said this child does not step on the grass and thinking finn tell me where I am and trying finn benson asking yells that is not in the grass and by the way have you seen 2 where they will be loose and Mordecai and Rigby and finn question where I am, Benson says, that is in the park and of course as your name and finn says I finn human and benson says because you apodous so if there are many humans in the world (while going) that happen to kids today and jake says (while rising) finn happened brother and says we are in another world and because you say that jake said Finn then he says that here there are humans and the sweet princess said no human and jake said viajastes think in time or in any dimention because I think you alicinastes with some kind of coup or something I better go somewhere (while reaching the cafeteria) Jake goes to a cafe and Cienta tells Finn that everything will be fine as long as Daisy arrives and asks you wish to order and finn finn says he will not but jake wants a cup of coffee and Daisy says: where is Jake and Finn replied that such a daisy beside her and said that a dog can not order a coffee and jake says: if you can and daisy jump of fright and said that dog can talk and finn said yes and she faints. after an hour margarita wakes up and says it was just a crazy dream and finn said hello and she screams, then said oh no it is eight and lost my appointment and said losiento and finn jake asks how is your noviocito? and finn said jake! margarita and said it was almost like me except it is blue, it has white stripes on his wrists, and dark blue stripes on his tail and finn question: you had a raccoon? and she says yes, Finn realized that they are in another dimention and tells jake but as we are told that in another dimention and Finn replied that he had seen Mordecai and Rigby and jake asks how do you think we were sent to this dimention? finn responded and I think he had seen a man was black and he was opening a vortex and I think we hit this in the other dimention vortex.mientras Mordecai and Rigby were on a walk and the sweet princess said I think of whom are speaking yes this man calls himself the destroyer of a man who makes dimenciones vortices of Dimensions and if not sealed must be destroyed dimenciones others, was arrested by pen only human and Rigby said because we do not call this pen a human and the sweet princess says that he died for this man sacrificandoce not destroy all dimenciones, while the king arrives frozen and captures the sweet princess and said, where are finn and jake, Mordecai said they are in another dimention and King ice cream said but who you are and they said Mordecai and Rigby and not get away with the princess without spending our frozen corpse and the king and the conjela mentita the thaw and told them they have to rescue the princess or mentita kill and gave them some swords, shields, roses and a powerful bows with 2 arrows and rigby endless and Mordecai were in rainbow but first had to pass through rigby giant launched an arrow at a monster and is back and said great and Mordecai rigby desparo an arrow and killed 100 giant and went into the kingdom while the king ice cream pregunro him the sweet princess That you do seriously they are from another dimention? and said that if the king and said where is that ice cream dimencional website and she said no so I'm going to kill your palace and hypothermia and she responded this well is 5 meters left of my palace and be to the other while in the other dimention dimention finn, jake and daisy come to the park and comes skips, benson benson and muscular Daisy asks where is Mordecai and Rigby? and Finn replied that the other dimention and Benson tells these jokes seriously (angry shouts) where this mordeaci and rigby and skips tells finn and benson believe you said what? skips and told him the pen and fought together to stop a cosmic being who calls himself the destroyer of dimenciones comes the ice and captures King margarita and it percige finn jake and also skips also left and went ice king the realm of ice and margarita locks but also came Mordecai and Rigby Finn, Jake and King ice cream and all the king beat cold but the destroyer arrived Dimensions and sent to Mordecai, rigby, finn and Jake in a dark area and merged but the destroyer of worlds and the linch merged into a giant monster, deformed and fused so that the use his sword to attack but did not work so sweet princess skips and gave them a sword especially for defeating the monster and so close the vortex the merge came to his heart and the monster died and was faced destroyer dimenciones melee, first merged it with one arm outstretched colpeo but the destroyer turned out that was the real hipnotiso linch and arrived at the well of souls but with the Strong minds and finn Mordecai attacked him and left fused but split into finn jake Mordecai and Rigby and went to their mordecay Dimensions and finn and kept the bar is closed the vortex.fin