A short trailer that happens inside Marty's head after Mordecai says he could be Scott Pilgrim.


  • Scott Pilgrim(Mordecai)
  • Ramona Flowers(Margaret)
  • Wallace Wells(Marty)
  • Gideon Gordon Graves(Rigby)
  • Knifes Chau(Jennifer)
  • Lucas Lee(Angel)
  • Todd Ingram(Slasher)
  • Stephen Stills(Benson)


Mordecai says to Marty,I'm not a guitar player like you. I'm not Scott Pilgrim!, and Marty thinks of the Whole Trailer of Scott Pilgrim v.s. The World, except Replacing the characters with the Regular Show characters.

Theme song:Edit

Invaders must die by The Prodigy


Appears in The Regular Show Movie