Chestnut: Like the food, Chestnut is small and tough. He is a tiny, blue horned devil-like creature with a deep, gravelly voice and, to many character's surprise, is physically very strong. Because of his size, he uses everyday objects as other things (e.g. using a briefcase for a hydrofoil, or a hat as a vacation home). He sings small songs to himself, usually consisting of his catchphrase of "Dinka loo dinka lee." He is super special detective commander of the Space-Time Police. He always refers to himself in the third person when speaking. He acting as the narrator of the crossover series.


Chestnut is small and tough.


  • He is voiced by Tone Loc in some episodes and Blu Mankuma in various episodes.


  • And so the heroes has saved the day and their home planets, timelines and realities have called the Chronopolis.
  • Meanwhile, Justin is in his lab working on his classified project. And he's working, his best friend Leon comes into the room behind him.
  • The Empire has gained the fearsome field commander. And the Park has gained a new members. We're counting on you! Thank you, Mordecai's Crew!
  • What does it mean to be a Super Hero? Keep those feelings in your heart as you journey onward, Heroes! As long as greed and evil pollute universe, the super heroes will continue to fight. Don't lose, Mordecai's Crew, Super Megaforce, Dino Charge and Ninja Steel!  Good luck! Mordecai's Crew! Legendary Ranger Mode! Super Megaforce! Energize! Dino Charge! Protect the Ninja Nexus Prism! Ninja Steel!
  • And so, the Space-Time Police's new team, the Space Squad is born. With their fiery captains, and cool-headed members, they day will come soon. When they blaze through the galaxy! ("Space Squad: Space-Time Police Sheriffs vs. Power Rangers S.P.D.")
  • And so, the Park's new team, the Hero Squad is born. With their fiery leader, and cool-headed members, they day will come soon. When they blaze through the universe!