A Mission to Twisted Forest is episode of The Avenging Regular Show Unlimited.


Jirou is on a mission to Twisted Forest.


  • Jirou: Wow. This is looks like the place.
  • Marinia: (On Watch) A perfect match. The home of Twisted McPhee. I'm sending you something new to lure him out.
  • Jirou: Whoa! Twisted cheese puffs! Oh, right. I'm a robot. I can't eat.
  • Twisted McPhee: Hehe... Ooh, crunchy. Twisted.
  • Jirou: Okay, come and get it. What?
  • Twisted McPhee: Bye-bye.
  • Jirou: Hmm. Another clue. A torn postcard! Very interesting...
  • Marinia: (On Watch) Twisty is getting away! Jirou, can you track him?
  • Jirou: You got it dude! But I'm gonna need a ride. I've just got a thing!
  • Marinia: (On Watch) Jirou, what exactly you made it?
  • Jirou: Hmm. I'm at Washington D.C. Now, let's see how I fix that torn postcard.
  • [To be continued...]